Dr. Sondra Crosba gave a featured lecture on "The Health of Refugee: Europe in Crisis" on Tuesday, October 13th.  Conversation about the world's largest refugee crisis since World War II and the US role. 

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Panelists taking part in the School of Public Health’s October 13 forum, The Health of Refugees: Europe in Crisis, included (from left) Sondra Crosby, Director of the Immigrant and Refugee Health Program at Boston Medical Center; Maria Sacchetti, immigration reporter for the Boston Globe; and Amy Slaughter, Chief Strategy Officer of the Cambridge-based nonprofit, RefugePoint. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi


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Global Lawyers and Physicians was founded in 1996 at an international symposium on health at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Nuremberg Doctors Trial. As one of the earliest and most important health and human rights documents, the Nuremberg Code was developed by lawyers and physicians working together. GLP was formed to reinvigorate the collaboration of the legal and medical/public health professions to protect the human rights and dignity of all persons. Lawyers and physicians, by virtue of their privileged position and their commitment to life, health, social justice and equality, have special obligations to all people. GLP was founded on the premise that these professions, working together transnationally, can be a much more effective force for human rights than either profession can working separately.

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